Choosing the right AGA for you

Regardless of where you live, there's an AGA to suit you. The latest models are designed for the 21st Century life.

AGA total Control

The versatile AGA Total Control provides ultimate flexibility. State-of-art technology enables each oven to be programmed to be ready when you are. Using a clever touch-screen panel, the ovens and the hotplates can be operated independently of each other and are on when you need them and off when you don't.

AGA Dual Control

With the AGA Dual Control the ovens are always on, but the hotplates can be turned on and off individually as you need them, reducing heat output into you kitchen as well as saving on energy and fuel bills whilst also allowing you to enjoy the unique AGA warmth all day long.

AGA Traditional Series

The traditional AGA cooker is always ready to use whenever you need it. It keeps the kitchen cosy and acts as a people magnet. Even if you're not cooking, traditional models can be hard at work drying cloths, warding off damp, boiling kettles for tea, making toast, proving dough and much more. Owners also tend to find they turn their central heating on late in the year and use it less often.