Advanced ESSE engineering at its best: this timelessly elegant range cooker can be positioned wherever there's a gas supply, thanks to a catalytic burner that "cleans" the gas it uses so effectively that you don't need a flue to vent outside. Which means the only thing you'll smell in your kitchen will be the aroma of beautifully cooked food!

The ESSE CAT gas cooker isn't just easy to install; it has a programmable timer that gives you complete temperature control, enabling you to run it exactly as you want to.

Thermostatic burner control makes it highly energy-efficient; but even when you run it in eco-friendly "slumber" mode, it can be back up to cooking temperature in just 15 minutes.

With two large ovens, a large cast iron hotplate with different temperature zones, the ESSE CAT is equipped to take your cooking to another level!

  • Gas cooker (natural or propane)
  • Catalytic technology requires no flue
  • Top oven 48 ltr
  • Bottom oven 32 ltr
  • Hotplate up to 6 pans
  • Single thermostatic burner control
  • Auto programmer or manual operation
  • Suitable for continuous operation

The Ironheart

Flued Gas Cook Stove

Our Ironheart Cook Stove, created to celebrate 150 years of ESSE, has become an instant classic. And the good news is, it's available in gas for instant control, and maximum convenience - with flames so realistic you could easily forget it's not a true wood-burning fire.

In every respect, except the fuel it burns, this ESSE Ironheart offers exactly the same as its multi-fuel counterpart: a flickering stove that will become the warm heart of your kitchen, combined with serious cooking capability.

The oven has an almost 50 litre capacity, and the cast iron "dog bone" hotplate can easily accommodate up to six plans, all bubbling away at once.

Meanwhile, it's good to know that on cold mornings, the gas-fired stove heats up really fast, and gives out up to 5.8kW stove - with an impressive score of 88% for fuel-efficiency.

  • Gas (natural or propane)
  • 47 Litre Oven
  • Hotplate up to 6 pans
  • Single burner control
  • Requires 5" flue
  • Heat output to room upto 7kw
  • Optional hostess shelf