Everhot on renewables

Everhot on Renewables

As the price of electricity continues to rise, many Everhot owners are choosing renewable energy sources both to save money and the environment.
If you already have solar panels, or are thinking of installing them, we are the range cooker brand to choose. An Everhot cooker requires a trickle feed supply which closely matches how solar power is generated. Your Everhot can 'wake up' as the sun rises and go into 'sleep' ECO mode as the sun sets. Most of our range cookers draw a maximum of 3kW, and an average of 600W, which means they won't exhaust a solar system's capabilities.

Most recently, TV presenter and property developer, Sarah Beeny has been featured on Channel 4 welcoming an Everhot into her home. Sarah has been rebuilding a semi derelict former farmhouse, fitting it with solar panels. She says, "It really suited us to have a warm kitchen with a single source of constant heat, that is why we chose the Everhot. All the electricity is created from solar panels and stored in a power wall battery. Without the Everhot in the kitchen, the whole plan would have been flawed."

The Everhot was originally designed over 40 years ago for a mill owner who generated his own power and wanted a cooker that used a small, steady flow of power that matched his generation. We still supply to watermills but more commonly those characteristics are now sought out by those who generate, or are planning to generate, from solar panels or even wind turbines. With the ever-rising cost of electricity and our focus turning towards renewable ways of generating power; combining an Everhot with solar panels is an economical and environmentally friendly decision.

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