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The Classic Range Cooker is a true icon and is as popular today as it's ever been.

Made from robust materials and offering a wide range of cooking options, it is easy to understand the enduring appeal of the Range Cooker. The latest Range Cookers may still have the classic good looks, they also come with all the benefits of modern technology to ensure it is easier to use and more energy efficient than ever.

We have one of the largest displays of quality cookers in our showroom. There are many choices available to you that will make your cooker individually special. We will be delighted to discuss all of the options available to you, their individual qualities and advantages, so that you get the dream cooker that you always wanted.

The archetypal Range Cooker was designed to be permanently on, with constant heat transferred into the ovens and hotplates, ensuring a gentle warm temperature at all times. The Heat Storage Range Cooker is always ready to cook and provided a heat source for the kitchen.

Today, however on newer models each part of the cooker operates independently allowing you to use a single oven or one of the hot plates.

If the Heat Storage Range Cooker doesn't appeal, a Range Cooker that operates like a conventional oven may be more suitable.

When choosing your Range Cooker, the first thing to consider is the availability of different fuel types in your area. Heat Storage cookers can run on Solid Fuel, Wood, Natural Gas, LPG, Oil and Electric.

Solid Fuel, Wood and Oil Range Cookers require a flue to remove smoke and harmful gases.

Steadily increasing in popularity are Electric Cookers that combine Range Cooker cooking with state-of-the art Induction Hobs.

Some Range Cookers are designed to be used as the primary heat source in your home, operating the central heating and hot water from the back boiler built into the cooker. These are only available in Solid Fuel, Wood, Natural Gas, LPG and Oil.

Thinking about the type of meals and food you like to cook, as well as the largest number of people you usually cook for (such as extended family at Christmas), will narrow down your selection and ensure you choose a model to meet your needs.

The most popular sizes are 90cm, 100cm, 110cm and 120cm wide, although a couple of manufacturers offer a 60cm model that serves up the same traditional charm of a larger model but in a more compact size. If space isn't an issue, wider designs (up to 150cm) can offer multiple ovens and make a real statement in any kitchen.

The Heat Storage Range Cooker will be more expensive to run than a conventional oven, but the latest designs feature a whole host of features to minimise running costs.

Traditional Cast Iron Range Cookers start in the region of 5000.00 and go up to around 15000.00, but when you consider they are all made from hard-wearing materials designed to last many years, they can be a great investment.

We understand that busy lives can leave us short of quality time, we would be delighted to open the showroom so that you can make informed choices in a relaxed environment, at a time that is convenient to you (subject to pre-arranged booking only).

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