Heritage compact

Heritage compact - Prices from £8040 including VAT

Based on the original style and traditional heavy build quality of the Standard Heritage.

The Heritage 'Compact' is a smaller range cooker with some big features. It boasts two full sized oven, two large hobs, and can have boiler options if required - for hot water or central heating.

The Compact is meticulously built and hand finished using a combination of cast iron and heavy section steel for durability and good heat retention. This is aided by unparalleled levels of insulation to prevent wasted heat and keep cooking temperatures constant.

The Heritage responds quickly to instructions; from cold, it is top cooking within 20 minutes, and 10 minutes later, roasting temperatures are achieved in the oven.

In cold weather the cooker can be switched to 'continuous', giving a constant background warmth in the kitchen. In warmer weather, when 'traditional' range cookers are let out for the season, simply switch the Cooker to 'timed mode' on your programmer or set the oven at a low temperature for a cooler room - and even lower fuel bills - and yet the instant comfort of a traditional Range for those colder mornings and evenings.

Both ovens can take up to six standard Trays (34 x 19cm approx). Each hob takes three average saucepans, simmer (right hand) or boil (left hand), which provides huge capacity and great versatility in cooking.

The Heritage can have a conventional chimney / flue or a low level fan flue, making it a most versatile small range which can be situated conveniently almost anywhere (subject to flue termination).

Almost all Range cookers require a hole in the outside wall, creating a cold draught, however, the Heritage has an option of fitting a flexible duct to connect directly to outside, making the cooker 'roomed sealed' appliance, and making it even quieter. This also allows for the fitting of a standard cooker extractor fan in the kitchen.

Compact Models Available:

  • The Compact Duo: A two oven dedicated cooker with an efficient and quite single pressure jet burner - Programmable for extremely versatile and economic cooking and room heating.
  • The Compact Host: A two oven cooker as the Duo plus a hot water capability. The amount of hot water produced is in proportion to the temperature of the ovens.
  • The Heritage Compact Duette - 3 Models: 40, 55, 70: This model has two burners, one for cooking, one for the central heating/hot water. The highly efficient boiler producing up to 70,000 BTU's will heat a hot water tank and up to ten average sized radiators

Heritage Enamel Finishes:
Standard Colours: Wedgwood, Oxford Blue, Jade, Classic Cream, British Racing Green, Ivory White, Pewter and Black Matt / Gloss.
Special Choice Colours: Claret, Copper Lustre, Pewter Lustre and Nickel.

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