A foundry was established in the village of Lacanche, deep in the Burgundian countryside in France, over 200 years ago, and range cookers have been manufactured there by hand ever since, both for the commercial and domestic markets.

Apart from their extraordinary heritage, what makes Lacanche range cookers so different from other range cookers on the market today, is that they are still made to exacting standards by hand to order.

They are solid and built to last, offering years of service in a demanding environment. They offer phenomenal, truly professional performance, and extraordinary versatility. They have a deliberate, implicit simplicity, making them simple to use and maintain. There is an almost infinite variety of configurations combining the wide range of models with the various hob types, oven types, built in hob options, dual fuel options, shape and size. Lacanche range cookers are individual, made to your own specification. They are also renowned for their elegant looks with 25 beautiful enamel finishes to choose from (or stainless steel) and four different trims.

Design your Dream Range Cooker

Choose Your Hob...

Standard hobs available on the Lacanche Range Cookers

Classic Hob: open burners - All classic hobs have open brass burners with easy clean stainless steel top and non-slip cast-iron pan stand. In addition each gas burner is fitted with a flame failure device and child proof controls.

Traditional Hob: open burners with simmer plate - The traditional hob has a mix of open brass burners with a cast-iron enamelled simmer plate. The simmer plate allows the cook to use a number of different size pans on the plate at the same time. By removing the centre disc of the plate you can have direct access to the 5kw burner for wok frying and large stock pots.

Induction Hob: As you would expect from Lacanche, the induction hobs are extremely powerful with impressive performance and outstanding cooking temperature control. Like its gas counterpart, each induction ring is controlled using the Lacanche control knob on the front of the range.

Choose your integrated hob options

Only Lacanche craftsmen can build your hob top with additional integrated options. On all over 1 meter Lacanche range cookers you are able to specify integrated options such as a gas or electric chargrill, a Multi Cooker - which can be used as a steamer, a boiling pan or a Bain Marie. Other popular options include an electric Plancha (electric griddle) or additional gas burners. These integrated options transform your hob and offer the cook limitless options to express their culinary skills.

Choose your Ovens

100% genuine professional ovens offer outstanding power and performance. Because Lacanche cookers are genuinely dual fuel, you can have a combination of gas and electric ovens in your cooker. Every Lacanche oven cavity is coated with at least three layers of enamel for easy cleaning.

Static Electric with Grill: thermostatically controlled oven which is ideal for baking and gentle or slow cooking. The oven is also equipped with independently controlled grill. Temperature range 50 deg C - 260 deg C.

Convection Electric with Grill: a powerful fan means faster cooking, minimal transfer of smell & taste, with independently controlled grill. Temperature range 50 deg C - 260 deg C.

Gas Oven: thermostatically controlled, very powerful push button electric ignition. Approximate Temperature range 100 deg C - 260 deg C. The high temperature of these ovens makes them ideal for high temperature cooking - brilliant for roasting, souffles, pizzas etc.

Simmer Oven: thermostatically controlled, temperature range 30 - 110 deg C. Its 84L size offers plenty of room for plate warming, holding food, proving dough, slow cooking such as meringues, stews etc. and drying food (mushrooms, tomatoes)

Duel Function Oven: Available in 65L and 69L sizes, this oven boasts all the advantages of the convection oven with the ability to switch over to a static electric oven, both with independently controlled grills. Temperature range 50 deg C - 260 deg C.

Choose your Colour

For your Lacanche Classic or Modern range cooker, choose from any of the 29 beautiful enamelled colours (or stainless steel), for a timeless finish created by craftsmen.

Lacanche demands an outstanding high quality finish for its range cookers, which is why, still today, they enamel every range cooker by hand. The enamels are true vitreous enamels with a high silica content. The craftsmen apply three coats to every panel, hey are then fired at 850 deg C and the colour is literally fused with the metal surface. The result is a beautiful colour with deep lustre which will look as good after 20 years as the day it was fired.

Choose your Trim...

Lacanche Classic Trim

The Trim of your Lacanche Classic refers to the finish of the control knobs, ends to the hand rail and door handles, the badge frame and drawer handles. The top towel rail and oven door rails are always stainless steel. The burner caps are always brass. Lacanche offer 6 smart trims to finish your Classic Range cooker: brass, chrome matt, nickel, brushed stainless steel and copper. Choose the trim to complement the colour of your cooker and design of your kitchen.

Lacanche Modern Trim

The Lacanche Modern is available with a choice of two trim: chrome or brushed steel control knobs. The oven door handles are always stainless steel. The burner caps are always brass.

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