ESSE Range Cookers

Electric - Wood - Gas - Oil

Even better cooking since 1854

ESSE take pride in upholding a time honoured tradition of hand building their products, while embracing new technology in the process of continuous development. Each ESSE is carefully manufactured by skilled craftsmen at the Barnoldswick foundry in Lancashire to exacting standards. From rural homesteads to River Cottage and even Royalty, ESSE range cookers and stoves bring classic styling and performance to modern living.

Cooking without compromise

ESSE pioneering British cast iron range cookers each feature timeless styling and are equipped to satisfy all the requirements and demands of the contemporary family kitchen. Roast, boil, fry, bake, grill and more, all with effortless controllability.

Over the years, ESSE have developed a range of cookers and stoves to suit all manner of fuelling requirements. So if you are thinking of buying an ESSE, you have five options to choose from:

Electric - ESSE 990EL & EL13AMP - The Electric Range Cookers

Enjoy the 'best of both' with classic cast iron construction, heavy duty ovens, beautiful enamelling and the reassurance of a traditional range cooker combined with the controllability and responsiveness of modern technology.

Wood - ESSE 990 WN/WD - 905 WN/WD - Plus 1 - Wood-Burning Range Cookers

ESSE wood-burning models are available in a choice of sizes and styles. Select single-oven models, or those with two or three large ovens. Esse wood-fired selection are available in compact 500mm widths, standard 905mm and 990mm. They are sustainable and economical, particularly if you have your supply of clean, dry wood. Choose any wood-burning Esse and you are assured of maximum fuel efficiency and minimum waste.

Multi-fuel - ESSE Ironheart Range Cooker

Is it a stove or a cooker.
To celebrate 150 years of stoves and range cookers, ESSE launched the Ironheart, embodying the quintessential features and benefits of both product types.

The cooking stove makes the most the most of the two things ESSE does best. Combining a superb multi-fuel stove and a traditional range cooker. And therein lies its charm and appeal... it is a stove that cooks.

Gas - ESSE Cat - Flueless Gas Range Cooker

ESSE Cat range cookers use a single gas burner to heat a hotplate capable of taking up to six pans, together with two ovens with control and flexibility. It can be programmed to suit you and your lifestyle, and as it uses catalytic technology to 'clean' the gas as it is burned, you don't even need a flue. Offering superior energy efficiency, it uses only a single burner to heat the ovens and a cast iron hotplate.

Oil - ESSE OC - Pressure Jet Oil Range Cooker

A controllable oil cooker suitable 'for all seasons'. An oil-fuelled ESSE offers a unbeatable combination of traditional style with energy efficiency and controllability; weather you are heating a room or whipping up a simple supper.

The ESSE atomising or 'pressure jet' cooker offers outstanding levels of control. Thermostatically operated, the cooker can be conveniently turned on and off as and when required. The OC has an electronic programmer for added convenience.


ESSE have a wide range of enamel colours available, so whatever it's traditional, modern, minimal or bright and bold - an ESSE would be the perfect companion in your home.

Esse Colours

Available in 20 colours
Special colours are subject to an additional charge
Matt Black is an alternative painted finish and is not enamel
Due to the variations of light on mobile and computer screens, it is not possible to replicate enamel colours exactly online.