Everhot 150

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Everhot 150 Series

The masterpiece of the Everhot range

Everhot 150 Series cookers have the sheer presence and classic lines to complement even the grandest of kitchens. These appliances are quite simply a brilliant and versatile extension to the Everhot 120 Series. Whether entertaining with friends or cooking large meals for the whole family, the Everhot 150 is a cooker that has the sophistication and capability to master the situation. However, unlike most other large range cookers, each part of this beautiful appliance can be easily adjusted to suit your cooking and seasonal heating requirements. There are two options to choose from: the Everhot 150 or 150i.

Everhot 150i

Offering the height of technology whilst retaining the classic design, The Everhot 150i has three independently controllable ovens, two cast iron hotplates, a useful plate warmer, and a three-zone induction hob. The controls for the Everhot 150i hide neatly behind the centre door, whilst a touch-screen induction hob is revealed underneath the right hand lid. The range delivers real presence into your kitchen and its combination of traditional cast iron hotplate and high-tech induction.

Everhot 150

The versatility of the Everhot 120 is brilliantly extended by the Everhot 150, this is an impressive cooking range in every sense and would not look out of place in the grandest of kitchens. Able to suit the needs of a large family, especially if you're fond of entertaining, the Everhot 150 is a cooker that will definitely fit the bill. Unlike its contemporaries, when all the ovens (and their associated heat) are not required it is simply a matter of turning off parts to suit your cooking or heating requirements.

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